• Types of Keyman Insurance

    There are two types of keyman insurance. They are:

    • Keyman critical illness policy and

    • Standalone keyman life insurance policy.
  • About Us

    In a standalone keyman life insurance, only the life of the key person is insured by the business but by the keyman critical illness policy

  • Health Insurance

    It will cover the terminal illness. Since there is higher chances of an individual to develop a critical illness more than dying,

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Facts About Keyman Insurance

Anybody who plays a key role in other’s lives or whose absence can affect others must insure for themselves. This can benefit people who are dependent on you either for themselves or for their business. Our policies are of wide range starting from human lives, vehicles, houses, real estate or warehouses for business purpose. All these can be insured by our company. We are a reliable and a reputed insurance company. We have been in the market for the past two decades and in these years we saved lot of people’s futures from getting ruined because of losing someone who significantly contributed financially.

Our policies are not only for benefitting after someone dies, but also we have insurance policies for people who are suffering from a critical or a terminal disease like cancer, Parkinson’s or if someone suffers from a cardiac arrest.

Our insurance policies cover personal insurance, industrial insurance, commercial insurance, liability insurance and social insurance. The policies are easy to comprehend and are available on our website.  Our policy managers are proactive and will provide you with door to door facilities. The policies taken by you can also be monitored online through our website where we provide option for online payment. The online payment route is completely secured and has multilayered security features providing our customers state of the art user interface.

Our mobile app available on Google Play Store can also be downloaded to connect you to your policy anywhere in the world. Overall, our company is a flagship company in the domain of insurance and will always support your finances in crises. Our free toll no for customer care is also available in our website for any query related to policy and regarding any payment issues. The company is bound by Federal laws and any matter is subject to state jurisdiction.


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